Renhai Reflections 37: Chromatic Transitions

Chromatic Transitions

by Vaughn Seward (vs) & Toshiaki Koike (tk)*,
Written: Oct 1 to Nov 5, 2008

Rain puddle — the traffic light changes / green to yellow. /tk
Tall downtown building —
/vs coloured leaves in the window. /tk
Withering bush — a branch's image ripples / in the pond.

*Toshiaki, originally from Iwakura, Japan, currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Blog Author said...

this one is very nice. I really like the minimalism in your writings. I normally like the first 3 lines in itself, of your posts... this one is very gentle and zen like... are a zen practicioner?... cheers.

Devika said...

good set, Masago..

traffic lights and climes keep changing -- signals help.
the wind seems sure to have coloured leaves
and reflections -- good at any stage...

my appreiciation now is going beyond concepts.

thanks Masago..

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

so vivid - beautiful!

Janice Thomson said...

I like each of these equally well - very beautiful images!

Devika said...


i would still like to have the links :-)

btw, the title just caught my notice..something i can very much relate with and appreciate its connection with the Renhai...


John McDonald said...


Devika said...

was checking fo notes :-)

Masago said...

Thank you all on behalf of Toshiaki and me.

Blog Author: You are very kind. Thank you. I'm not an official Zen practitioner but I like to write haiku with a Zen approach (objective observance).

Devika: I'm pleased your appreciation is being stretched. :-)

jem said...

I really like the first two - the way they give us a burst of colour where we might not expect to find it.

Masago said...

Jem: Thanks.