Renhai Reflections 41: Crossing Overhead

Crossing Overhead

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (solo)
Written October 30, 2008

A high-flying jet
intersects honking geese —
southward bound.

His toy airplane again
misses the old cat.

The police chopper
circles back overhead —
dead of night.

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Devika said...

Interesting Masago!

definitely need notes..
will come again..:-)


John McDonald said...

love it Vaughn

Janice Thomson said...

Vivid imagery - one can almost hear the sounds of geese and the airplanes.
The last verse made me think of the Snowbirds who practice their manoevers twice a year here, sometimes at night too - it can be very loud.

Janice Thomson said...

I meant "maneuvers" :)

polona said...

a lot of airborne things...
enjoyed it

Devika said...
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Devika said...

Hi Masago!

thanks you for that link. i think now i begin to understand how very different things or life -- as different as cats and geese -- could be linked to understand how the world gives space for each...and they all coexist..

i think, i was not going to such depths with my earlier reading...

even the other links -could appreciate more...

thank you, Masago...


upinVermont said...

Hello Masago,

Glad to find your site.

You possess a more than ordinary understanding of Haiku. If you get a chance, drop by my site and if you like something, let me know.

I have you on the top of my bookmark list, along with a growing number of Haiku blogs. I check in again tomorrow. Look forward to reading more of your Haiku.

Masago said...

Thank you all!

Janice: Those Snowbirds must be something to see! This was actually inspired from what I saw the other day: a jet flying high overhead just as some geese were flying overhead. And, of course we occasionally hear a police helicopter flying over our neigbourhood in the middle of the night.

upinVermont: Thanks for visiting... I went to your blog, some interesting things there.

jem said...

Nice - so many lovely images conjured from flying machines. I love the cat one, the sense of the triangle of play between the child, cat and toy.

Masago said...

Jem: Thanks!