Renhai Reflections 48: Ekalfwons

Ekalfwons (Snowflake)

An acrostic Poem by Vaughn Seward

Evergreens catch them as they fall
Kids roll up a monster ball
Across the lake, ice exposed
Lilting skaters, juxtaposed
Friendly banter turns to clash
With pressed balls of alpine ash
Opened heart, a Christmas rose
Nippy breeze, a droplet froze
Settles on her tiny nose

[We have several Renhai in different stages of development which I hope to start posting in the next few days. In the meantime here is a little reverse acrostic winter poem I recently wrote.]


Janice Thomson said...

Vaughn that is fantastic.
I don't believe I've seen a reverse one and certainly not one that rhymes too. Well done!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nor have I seen a reverse one. how interesting!

John McDonald said...

yes interesting

polona said...

wow, so lovely and refreshing!

Devika said...

Acrostic poetry...just remember doing acrostics with theories and principles to aid memory :)

interesting, but again a bit strenuous to me...


upinVermont said...

Hi Vaughn,

Not bad.

There might be one or two "Hail Maries" in there to make the whole thing work, but those are hard to avoid when you've given yourself so little wiggle room.

A good exercise. Makes me want to try one again. The last acrostic I wrote used both the first and last letters of the line. It was nothing for the ages...

Masago said...

Thank you everyone.

Borut said...

Topsytury. Lovly!:)

jem said...

Great fun and packed with seasonal images! You are a master of many forms!