926. Winter Grind

Mid-winter —
the weight of snow flakes
grows heavier.


Masago said...

Mid-winter -
the weight of snow flakes
grows heavier.

Link with 924: Tidal.

[As Winter "grinds" on, snow accumulates on everything including trees, houses, and the ground. This increasing weight is hopefully endured by the trees and plants. However, the flakes of snow that fell earlier in the season have certainly lost their identity and are now pressed into layers of ice. For some people, this grinding may also have a psychological dimension in that the "weight of snow flakes" is symbolic of their developing mood.]

Amalendu said...

the psychological dimension is very interesting......

Masago said...

Woops, the link with the previous day's haiku should have been:

Link with 925: Increase.

Dana-Maria Onica said...

Yes, Vaughn, you are right and Amalendu are right: not only the weight of snow flakes but the weight of memories, pains, sins, duties...
Very beautiful your poem.
Thank you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

is it just mid-winter? it's never going to end! :)

John McDonald said...

lovey one

floots said...

nicely put
and oh so true at times

Pat Paulk said...

Winter can tend to grind one down. Good one!!

polona said...

i know what you mean... well done!

Masago said...

Amalendu: Something many of us share? :-)

Masago: Smarten up, eh? Get it right the first time! :-)

Dana-Maria: Thank you. And yes, and I have many good memories of the Winter.

Andrew: Ha! And you are living in the South... :-)

John: Thanks.

Floots: Thanks lad.

Pat: Thanks, it is quite the grind up here, it is dropping to -29 tonight! :-)

Polona: Thank you.