930. The Plunge

A rain drop
joins the vast pacific...
cold northerly.


Masago said...

A rain drop
joins the vast pacific...
cold northerly.

Link with 929: Join.

[A tiny bead of rain makes its way down through the atmosphere braving the cold North winds. At last it plunges into a salty brew teaming with an unimaginable variety of creatures of varying sizes. What adventures await our little disintegrating droplet?]

Dana-Maria Onica said...

The rain drop and the ocean, the hostility of the cold northerly can receive so many identities...
I like very much your poem.

Thank you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Pamela said...

a sky tear -
lost in emocean

I tried to answer
but the third line evade me
-(like my misspell?)

floots said...

nice bit of biography which fits most of us at times
thank you

John McDonald said...

love it masago

Pat Paulk said...

All life can be said to be held in a raindrop.

polona said...

just wanted to say something about a life in a raidrop but pat beat me to it :)
love this one, vaughn!

Borut said...

In a way, it's an archetypal theme. Returning to one's origin, as, ultimately, everything must. Cold northerly would suggest the end of the cycle too. The Mayan prophesies say we're about to enter the 6th phase of cosmic evolution, one before the last, the sevenths, which means the return to the Cosmic Dream. Poetic!:)

Pat Paulk said...

Vaughn, you heard from Richard lately? Can't get his blog to come up.

Masago said...

Dana-Maria: Thank you!

Andrew: *brrr*

Pamela: Nice... I like your misspelling. Lemme try something:

a sky tear -
falls and gets lost
in an emocean

Floots: Thanks.

John: Thanks.

Pat: Ah, so true.

Polona: Thanks. Great minds think alike. :-)

Borut: Thanks for the additional interpretation.

Pat (second time): No, I hope he's okay. I sent him an email and it bounced back. He may be going into a sort of seclusion. His last comment to me was he was quite busy and having difficulty keeping up with all the blog posting and commenting.

Pamela said...

there you go... you did it

Masago said...

Pamela: *bow* :-)