933. Looking Down

Night take-off...
points of light move
on a tiny grid.


Masago said...

Night take-off...
points of light move
on a tiny grid.

Link with 932: City at night.

[I haven't taken a lot of trips by plane but a few of them involved take-offs and landings at night. When the plane flies over the city you can look down and see tiny car headlights as they stream along the network of roads illuminated by streetlights. The effect is most pronounced in the winter when there is snow on the ground everywhere and the light is reflected back into the sky.]

Pamela said...

Unless you land in Las Vegas

Tikkis said...

Seen those postcards totally black, and a tiny text:
"(name of the small place) by night."?

polona said...

i once had a pleasure of enjoying a night flight in the cockpit. memorable experience!
thank you for reminding me of it :)

Pat Paulk said...

In another life I did a fair amount of flying. The view coming in on clear nights is always awesome. Another one perfectly captured.

Aurora said...

I love flying late at night, or early morning. Nicely done, Vaughn.

Masago said...

Pamela: :-) ...never been there, can only imagine.

Tikkis: :-)

Polona: My pleasure.

Pat: Thanks. P.S. I heard from Richard. He is okay, just very busy with many things, no time to blog.

Aurora: Thanks.