938. Evidence

Morning after...
eight or nine twigs
on the snow.


Masago said...

Morning after...
eight or nine twigs
on the snow.

Link with 937: Nine

[There was a terrific wind storm during the night recently. The evidence of it's power was seen the next morning on the snow under the elm trees in our front yard.]

Pamela said...

Thank goodness it wasn't a branch or a trunk.

When our neighbors Maple Tree came down it shook our house. (Of course it was brought down by the tree man, but it still came down kaboom)

floots said...

i love it when twigs write characters on the snow

John McDonald said...

nice observation

Pat Paulk said...

A little different than I first expected, but all storms have their victims.

polona said...

i love this one!
works perfectly with me even without explanation... morning after is such an intriguing line :)

Masago said...

Pamela: Ouch...we have some giant 60-plus-year-old trees around our house. Sometimes I wonder about them. Hopefully they'll hold up another 60+ years.

Floots: Yes, Nature leaving a message. :-) Cheers.

John: Thank you.

Pat: Now you've got me wondering what you first thought was. :-)

Polona: I hadn't intended extra intrigue...I'm glad it works. Thanks!