936. Please?

Winter night...
the cat looks in with
hopeful eyes.


Masago said...

Winter night...
the cat looks in with
hopeful eyes.

Link with 935: Coming inside.

[A friend's cat likes to go outside now and then, even in the winter. When the cat wants back in she will patiently sit in front of the sliding door and look in until someone comes to her rescue.]

Kai C. said...

very cute & clever!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm one of those people that think about animals when it's very cold.

Aurora said...

Now this is making me feel guilty about the imaginary cat I gave away..... Nice one, Vaughn. :)

Pamela said...

my cat is vocal.
and she dances on the sliding glass door and leaves paw prints just like a dog.

Borut said...

Lovely, mine used to sit on the windowsill, then get up from time to time and lean the whole height of his body against the rolling shutter, making a lot noise in this way - in the middle of the night!:)

John McDonald said...

lovely one vaughn

floots said...

my cat wants to be in when she's out and out when she's in
(can't think where she got this restless habit)
like this
thank you

Dana-Maria Onica said...

Beyond the fact that I'm eye doctor or, maybe, because I am :), I do not know something more meaningful than a look...
I like very much your poem. Thank you for sharing.

Tikkis said...

Late evening --
a tired, old woman
waiting for her cat.

(I think someone has published similar? Your haiku made me to comment this...)

Pat Paulk said...

Walked out yesterday morning on the enclosed front deck of our boat, and one of the dock's feral cats was enjoying the warmth of my propane fireplace. Good one Vaughn!!!

polona said...

anything with a cat in it must be good :)
like it

Bill said...

Having grown up with cats, I know that look very well.

Masago said...

Kai: Thank you.

Andrew: Me too (unless it's them *$@#& squirrels!). :-)

Aurora: Thanks Aurora...you keep me in stitches!

Pamela: Just like people they all have different personalities, eh?

Borut: I bet he got let in. :-)

John: Thanks.

Floots: Thanks. Yes, we had a cat just like that too (and I know of some people like that as well).

Dana-Maria: Thank you, your words are very encouraging. You are an eye doctor...wow, we all learn more and more about one other on these blogs... :-)

Tikkis: It certainly evokes an emotion.

Pat: Thanks. A fireplace on a boat...must be some boat. :-)

Polona: Thanks.

Bill: I know what you mean.