937. Work-day's End

A bulldozer
at dusk...the track's mud
starts to freeze.


Masago said...

A D9 Cat
at dusk...the track's mud
starts to freeze.

Link with 936: Cat.

[As a young man I worked on the Trans-Canada pipeline near Kenora, Ontario. I was a swamper for a D9 Caterpillar and my job was to grease the bulldozer two or three times a day and to perform other odd jobs to keep it running efficiently. One of the most important jobs was to thoroughly clean the tracks of mud at the end of the day. If this task was ever neglected then the tracks would freeze solid overnight and the job boss would not be in a happy camper the next morning.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm sure glad you explained this one -- I was trying to see a real cat leaving mud! :)

John McDonald said...

nice one vaughn (yes it seems juhani is tikkis)

Pat Paulk said...

Frozen in its tracks. Amazing how nature rules even the powerful CAT. The fireplace is propane, $300.00 at any local Home Depot.

floots said...

you've had a hard life
sounds good though

polona said...

thanks for explaining this one. i would otherwise have no idea what it is about

Masago said...

Andrew: :-) I suppose "bulldozer" would be clearer.

John: Thanks for the kind words and the info about Tikkis.

Pat: Yes, so true. I like your "D9 CAT" as opposed to "D9 Cat". Still, it seems weird to have a fireplace in a boat (I such a land lubber).

Floots: It's actually not been so bad. Thanks.

Polona: Okay, with all the confusion I think I better revise this one. It will make the link with "cat" a little subtle but, oh well... :-)

Borut said...

The mighty nature!. Andrew's comment made laugh out loud!:)

Masago said...

Borut: Indeed. :-)