946. Rock & Roll

After school —
"I wanna hold your hand",
on air guitars.


Masago said...

After school -
"I wanna hold your hand",
on air guitars.

Link with 945: Beetles / Beatles.

[The Beatles came on the Ed Sullivan show on Sunday, February 9, 1964. I recall walking to school the next day and playing their songs on my air guitar. The Rock and Roll cat had been let out of the bag.]

Pamela said...

When I heard the Beatles were coming to American, I thought it was something that had six legs.

But, I saw them on ED, too,.
I liked Popo Gigo best

Borut said...

At that time I was into our own version of country, the polka!:)For most of us, Beatles were from another planet...!:)I like Pamela's comment too!:)

Rethabile said...

Cool. Wham-bam packed thought.

floots said...

nicely done
(it was always air sax for me) :)

Pat Paulk said...

Didn't do the air guitar, but sat glued to the TV. Shortly thereafter got a real one though.

John McDonald said...

I can imagine, nice

Masago said...

Thanks everyone!

... of course now days kids have iPods, download thousands of recordings, the world just isn't the same any more... :-)

polona said...

more like "a hard day's night" now :)

Masago said...

Polona: I know what you mean. :-)