929. Surprise!

I step into
a furry moving mass...
snowy hillside.


Masago said...

I step into
a furry moving mass...
snowy hillside.

Link with 928: After eating.

[Pine Beetles are a recent threat to our Alberta evergreen forests. Some authorities are blaming it on global warming as the populations of these beetles are normally kept low in our winters when it gets below -30C for more that a week.

Not too long ago some biologists were surveying for Pine Beetles in the mountains near here. One of them stepped on a bear's hibernation den and the bear came out and mauled the them both. They luckily survived. Global warming may have been further connected with this incident as well... perhaps the bear thought it was Spring already.]

floots said...

nice one
that background story is a chiller

John McDonald said...

nice one

Tikkis said...

In Lappland there is a similar problem with the birches, the peppered moth-worms usually keeping their popolation low when below -36 C, but many winters, including this one, there is not enough cold. Somewhere all the birch-trees are totally eaten by those little bastards. Let's see how the next summer will be.

(Last summer the Fierranjohka and Deatnu (Teno) had birches OK.)

((I think 'deatnu' as well as 'teno' means just Big River.))

polona said...

some story behind this one!

Pat Paulk said...

Next thing you know there'll be alligators in the rivers there. Does give one pause for thought!!

Masago said...

Floots: Thanks. It did sound a bit grizzly when I read about it in the news.

John: Thanks.

Tikkis: Here's hoping for colder weather. ;-)

Polona: Yes, glad I was reading about it, and not telling it. :-)

Pat: Yikes, you're right...that could be our future...and you'll feel right at home when you come for a visit. :-)

Borut said...

Spring invasion. The number of bears has increased dramatically in Slovenia, something will have to be done; the population of Slovenians is at a standstill!?:)We're just 2 million...?!

Masago said...

Borut: Yikes. What is causing the bear population to increase? More people to eat? :-)