939. Pristine Experience

Powder snow
before my skis...tracks
after them.


Masago said...

Powder snow
before my skis...tracks
after them.

Link with 938: Wood on snow

[Ah, the joy of fresh snow under one's skis!]

Aurora said...

Your blog is a delight with all these winter-themed gems! :)

Pamela said...

and cold, too

John McDonald said...

love it

floots said...

perfect capture of the chilly journey we are all making

Pat Paulk said...

I've only skied a couple of times, but I could become addicted. Love the explorer feel to this.

Kai C. said...

very nice, masago.


Nick Zegarac said...

Power and mobility, the slopes never sounded quite so good!

Masago said...

Aurora: your encouraging words mean a lot to me...thank you!

Pamela: Yes, sometimes. We used go to Banff every year in February and skied the whole time. Some years we "froze" (-25C), other years the snow was starting to melt and so we were challenged with selecting the correct wax to use.

John: Thanks.

Floots: Wow, again you've uncovered a deeper, philosophical level. Well done!

Pat: It can be very addicting but these days we don't get out on them as often as we used to. Thanks.

Kai: Thank you.

Nick: You've made it sound even better...let's hit the slopes. :-)

polona said...