950. Overnight Hideaway

Snowy field —
a boreal owl flies into
a collapsing barn.


Masago said...

Snowy field -
a boreal owl flies into
a collapsing barn.

Link with 949: Farm building.

[Boreal owls inhabit northern parts of North America, Europe and Russia. Their habitat varies but includes mostly old-growth forests with woodpecker cavities for nesting. Southern populations tend to occur in high subalpine forests. They have been known to seek shelter in abandoned buildings when the weather is inclement.]

Pamela said...

I don't think we have them here. However, I heard the Too-tooo-tooo-tooo-too of a Northern Saw-Whet a few nights ago. I so hope they nest in the old maple tree again so we can watch them and their babies.

Borut said...

There's something in the images of the world falling apart that attracts me!:) Love it! Our world should be a collapsible one!?:)

Pat Paulk said...

Any "shelter" in a storm. I love owls.

floots said...

wonderful moment captured here

polona said...

love this one!

Masago said...

Pamela: Please let me know if they do nest there again (maybe get a photo too?).

Borut: Thanks. I have a few haiku ready for posting that I'm sure you'll enjoy then (watch for them, the next one will be in a few days). :-)

Pat: Yes, even Nature's critters are want to improvise.

Floots: Thank you.

Polona: Thanks!