978. A Witness

Rest'rant fork...
how many mouthfuls
of garlic pasta?


Masago said...

Rest'rant fork...
how many mouthfuls
of garlic pasta?

977: In and Out.

[Like the penny in pockets and purses, an old restaurant fork has helped lift tons of pasta into patrons mouths over the years. Think of the many conversations and romantic interludes to which it has been privy.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

never thought about it that way. thanks

Pamela said...

I'll never look at a fork the same again.
the garlic pasta will make me look twice, tho.

Aurora Antonovic said...

I think about things like that when I'm at the dentist's. Like how many mouths has he looked into with that funny mirror thing. Or how many people have slept on the hotel sheets I'm sleeping on. Or, how many patients have died in the bed I'm vacating at the hospital.

Yeah, I know - I think too much. :)

floots said...

i shall be thinking about this all day
(and will probably carry my own fork with me from now on) :)

Borut said...

Very original. Life is an endless mystery... Forks know it best!?:)

John McDonald said...

nice vaughn

Pat Paulk said...

Sure makes you hope their steaming hot dishwasher is working properly.

polona said...

this one made me laugh out loud :D
we'd better not know...

david santos said...

hello, Masago.
thank you
have a good week

Masago said...

Andrew: :-)

Pamela: Woops, sorry 'bout that. :-)

Aurora: Yikes, that is too much thinking (I should talk, eh?) ;-)

Floots: Woops, sorry 'bout that. :-)

Borut: Thanks. I think you are right about the forks.

John: Thanks.

Pat: Now you've got me thinking... :-)

Polona: :-)

David: Thank you, have a great week!