971. The Last Day

Melting snow —
a branch of birch among
chainsaw chips.


Masago said...

Melting snow -
a branch of birch among
chainsaw chips.

Link with 970: Crumbs/Chips.

[Dad and I go out and cut a load of birch fire wood. I wonder about the fact that the tree had stood there in the bush for 50 or 60 years. It is now in pieces, to be burnt in the fire place over the course of the coming year.]

Aurora Antonovic said...

Nice one.

John McDonald said...


Pat Paulk said...

Love the layers in this one!!

Pamela said...

makes you worry about the little birds. We had to take down the willow which was so popular with the goldfinch.

Borut said...

The opening to this one sounds almost like ‘The last days of Pompeii’!:)) Are we the branches…?:( Reading the note, I see it is no just about us individually, it's about the whole Tree of Life. Real bad!?:)

polona said...

kind of sad...

Masago said...

Aurora: Thank you.

John: Thanks.

Pat: Thanks!

Pamela: Yes, there are them too to think about. But I have no sympathy for squirrels (although they wouldn't be in a birch). :-)

Borut: Ah, yes Pompeii...what lessons can we learn?

Polona: Now that you mention it, this reminds me of an photo/image you had some months back of a freshly created stump.

floots said...

(and so much a part of my life)

Masago said...

Floots: Thanks. I saw some of your photos and of this type of image...that is some great country where you are, love to visit there some day.