974. Glimmer

A ray of sunshine
peeks above the tundra:
crack of spring.


Masago said...

A ray of sunshine
peeks above the tundra:
crack of spring

Link with 973: Arctic.

[In the arctic and antarctic the Sun stays below the horizon for half the year and for the other half it is above the horizon. The Arctic is referred to as the land of the midnight sun. Around March 21 every year is a welcome sight when the Sun glints across the tundra for the first time in six months!]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I don't think I could make it there. :)

John McDonald said...

love the image:crack of spring

Pat Paulk said...

I can imagine what a welcome sight it would be. I can't imagine going 6 months without seeing the sun. You don't reckon Spring moonlights as a plumber or a painter??

Borut said...

Wow, must be a powerful scene!?:)

polona said...

wow, this conjures up a beautiful image!

Masago said...

Andrew: I'm sure you could adapt. :-)

John: Thanks. I was inspired by a fellow who said he wasn't a morning person and seldom got up before the crack of Noon.

Pat: It is indeed difficult to imagine going that long in the darkness. That's one long night.

Borut: Yes, and to be up at midnight and see the Sun...

Polona: Thanks.

floots said...

spring is welcomed here
but in those condtions it must call for real celebration

magiceye said...

love the image evoked....lovely!

Masago said...

Floots: Yes, I'm sure they crack open a 6-pack and fry up some blubber. :-)

magiceye: Thanks!