963. No Dumping

A tin can
in the melting snow —
clump of willows.


Masago said...

A tin can
in the melting snow -
clump of willows.

Link with 962: Can.

[I saw this image in the ravine across from the back of our home. Near the clump of willows stands an old weathered sign that says that dumping is not permitted. Eighty years ago when the district was developed I believe the ravine was treeless due to prairie fires and clearing of the land for firewood. Today the sign can barely be seen due the thick growth of trees and undergrowth. It is hard to imagine anyone able to dump anything in the ravine these days. However, the discarded tin can is evidence some form of dumping continues.]

floots said...

i hate to see litter
the sheer laziness of people (often adults) really irritates me

Amalendu said...

nice write masago...I share the views of Floots...

polona said...

i'm with floots on this one... well observed

Masago said...

Floots: Me too!

Amelandu: Thank you.

Polona: Thanks.

Borut said...

A real mind opener. A koan even: How come, a tin can…, a clump of willows!? Or a fine trick of stage magic!?:)