953. Quickly-passing Time

Our dinner
just begins...suddenly
it's closing time.


Masago said...

Our dinner
just begins...suddenly
it's closing time.

Link with 952: Date.

[On one of our first dates my wife and I went to a romantic little Mexican restaurant. During the meal a mariachi band came to our table and sang "Besame Mucho" just for us (how romantic). Our evening passed quickly and so we were a little embarrassed when the waiter kindly informed us that it was 10 pm and the restaurant had to close.]

Pamela said...

those were the days (or daze)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

life is this way

floots said...

good times
love it

Borut said...

We have no time!?:)

Pat Paulk said...

Lost in love!!

Masago said...

Pamela: Yes, "daze" for sure.

Andrew: For sure.

Floots: Thanks, and these times aren't too bad either. :-)

Borut: Agreed.

Pat: You got it!

polona said...

lovely! the romance continues?

Masago said...

Polona: Yes, to this day. :-)