959. A Chocolate Enigma

A heart-shaped
box...the last of her


Masago said...

A heart-shaped
box...the last of her

Link with 958: Open heart.

[As usual we have a couple of possible interpretations here. First, maybe she isn't too fond of chocolates and its taken a month since February 14 to eat them all. Hmmm, that doesn't seem too likely. Okay, so maybe they didn't taste so good. Or, maybe they didn't taste so good for a deeper reason...]

Aurora Antonovic said...

OR - maybe she got so many it was impossible to eat them all within a month's time, huh? :) Hey, it happens!

Pamela said...

she got the creme centers.
She wanted nuts & nougat!!!!

floots said...

there's practically a novel wound up in this one
(you'd better get writing) :)

Pat Paulk said...

So, now she's going to eat the box??? Too many possiblities for me.

polona said...

or maybe she wanted to save the special ones for the last... :)

Masago said...

Aurora: Hey, I never thought of that! ;-)

Pamela: One speaketh from experience, no doubt. :-)

Floots: Ah, perhaps someday. For now I struggle with these short verses. :-) Thanks!

Pat: *LOL*

Polona: Right, she could be the saver type (saves them to saver).