952. An Exotic Delicacy

We share
a dessert of fried icecream...
first date.


Masago said...

We share
a dessert of fried icecream...
first date.

Link with 951: Melting.

[Back in the day "fried icecream" seemed like an exotic delicacy and so we indulged ourselves on that date. This added to the "ice-breaker" feel of the evening. Recently we learned how this dessert is prepared from Ricardo's TV Cooking show, see:


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the emotion in this one --- I've had fried ice cream, too and loved it. :)

Pamela said...

fried ice-cream
baked alaska
what oxymorons, huh?

Pat Paulk said...

How many times can you freeze frozen ice cream. What a process! Excellent 'ku and dessert!!

floots said...

love both first dates and ice cream
(nowadays i am more familiar with the latter) :)

david santos said...

Helo, masago!
No great, but very good, thank you
Good week for you

polona said...

fire and ice - how appropriate!
love the ku and the dessert :)

Masago said...

Andrew: Thanks!

Pamela: "Moronic", for sure, but that doesn't stop one from indulging, eh? ;-)

Pat: Yeah, I was surprised at how many coats are required. I guess it needs to have some good insulation as it has to sit in the deeper fryer for two minutes.

Floots: :-) *major chuckle*

David: Obrigado meu amigo!

Polona: Yes, all in one mouthful. Thanks.