976. Bought Later

Another penny
goes into the piggy bank —
new bicycle.


Masago said...

Another penny
goes into the piggy bank -
new bicycle.

Link with 975: Bank.

[Saving money was a challenge for many of us when we were kids. It was none of this "buy now, pay later" sort of thing. Every penny earned back then was precious and when that new bike was finally bought it was ridden with a sense of accomplishment and it was treated with great care and respect.]

Aurora Antonovic said...

I saved for books and art supplies. As a result, I still can't ride a bike today. :)

Good one.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This makes me think of my older son. Always trying to save money for something. :)
(Aurora - with all my kids, I'm a good teacher for learning how to ride a bike -- need lessons? :) )

floots said...

neat trick
you just took me back fifty years :)

John McDonald said...

caught the nostalgia vaughn

polona said...

my bank was in shape of a ladybird :)

Masago said...

Aurora: That's it, it was for books and art stuff...wink, wink, nudge nudge. ;-) Thanks.

Andrew: *smile* The operative word here being "trying". :-)

Floots: We are from the same era, no doubt. ;-)

John: Thanks.

Polona: We should have known. :-)