Renhai Reflections 112: The Untrue

The Untrue

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (vs) & John W. Sexton (jws)

Chink, chink chink —
only the false water drip
of hidden blackbirds. /jws

High alpine meadow — /vs
a horse gallops his shadow. /jws

A half hour passes —
the groom leans and whispers
to the best man. /vs

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[This was written with John Sexton from Ireland, and was just published in the June, 2009 issue of the Lynx Journal for Linking Poets. Check the notes for some extra insights into this Renhai.]


Devika said...

Oh so much story behind the verse, Masago and John....and to title the whole of it as 'The Untrue' --- what do I say?

anyway, nice set :)


Borut said...

Almost mystical!?:)

John McDonald said...

good one

Bill said...

A grabber

Masago said...

Devika, Borut, John, Bill: Thank you!

RBroeker said...

Devika is right with every word. And to me, the third verse is very special. Love it.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

Lots going on in this ..like the idea of missing elements. Good one.

jem said...

Thanks for putting me out of my misery, I always hear that bird water sound and wonder who makes it.

susane said...

Indeed, this realization is a true wonder, thank you for this article anyway.