Rengay Through the Seasons #11 Summary

by Masago: Rengay #11 (Nov 11-17, 2007) Summary

Crust of White

A crust of white / becomes a sheet of dew — early morning.
Steamed mirror — she applies / final touches of lipstick.
His canvas depicts / autumn colours — the essence / barely captured.
New jeans — that worn out look with / rips and tears.
Winterized garden — holes / where veggies had grown.
The first snow / blankets the yard — branches / of rhubarb droop.

The central theme of this rengay is "Transformation". The other two themes are "Flatness" and "Colours".

There is an artist's depiction of an autumn scene in verse 3. Is it possible to really capture the essence of this experience? Is it not a difficult thing to accomplish, to capture this essence of the autumn feeling. The artist perhaps did so, but just barely, even though it may be a very excellent, remarkable picture. On the surface of the canvas, the painting faithfully reproduces the autumn colours, perhaps very well, but that essence of the autumn experience can only be barely captured (the light reflecting off the leaves, the smells, the cool breeze... these are some of things that constitute the full essence).

Verse 4 references a trend that's been around for a number of years and that is the buying of jeans that have been already "worn". This is accomplished by washing them in sand/rocks and creating rips and tears as if the jeans had been worn for several years.

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

it's getting colder.....

Borut said...

Hu, I remember washing my pair of jeans in the bath-tub with a scrubbing brush for hours... In those days, that was essential!:)

polona said...

appropriate title :)

aurora said...

Love the image of drooping rhubarb!

Masago said...

Andrew: Yes, it is inevitable. :-)

Borut: The silly things we used to be...but they weren't so silly back then, eh?

Polona: Thanks.

Aurora: Thanks.

Pamela said...

I hope I"m learning
I may want to attempt it some day

floots said...

so much of nature looks worn at this time of year but we know that it will regenerate
sadly my body is developing it's own well-worn look - but i guess that saves me ripping my jeans :)
thanks vaughn

floots said...

oops - sorry about that misplaced apostrophe
(i've been away too long) :)