Rengay Through the Seasons #12 [1-5]

by Max Verhart (mv), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #12 (Nov 18-24) Verses 1-5 (of 6):

Hazy sunlight — a cloud of lapwings / practicing. /mv
After school at the piano... thoughts of other places. /vs
Rattling shutters — Checking the condition / of my sweaters. /mv
The graying hare / hops into a willow thicket — overcast day. /vs
A kid's shoe with a carrot / sitting near the fireplace. /mv

[In Dutch tradition Saint Nicolaas, or more popularly Sinterklaas, arrives in late November. He rides a white horse and, helped by his black assistants, brings children small presents, which are supposedly delivered through the chimney and put in the kids' shoes. That's why these shoes are usually waiting near the fireplace (or near a radiator, nowadays), often with some hay or a carrot in it for Sinterklaas' horse. This continues till December 5th, when Sinterklaas brings the bigger presents, after which he immediately departs again. Santa Claus, as known elsewhere in the world, is a modern spin off of this old European tradition.]

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Borut said...

A sit-in of sorts!:)

Anonymous said...

This is such a nice progression, Vaughn.

polona said...

saint nicholas (miklavž in slovenian) also brings presents here - traditionally fruit and nuts and sweets. but this only happens on the eve of 5th december and not before.

Masago said...

Polona: Thanks for the extra info.