Rengay Through the Seasons #13 [1-6]

by Masago: Rengay #13 (Nov 25 - Dec 1), Verses 1-6 (of 6)

Cascades of pink / among windowsill cacti — first openings.
Popcorn out of the microwave — steam bursts from the corners.
Weight watcher — the host offers her another / piece of cake.
Channel surfing — a new gadget shown on / the shopping channel.
Crowded holiday mall — she squeezes his hand tighter.
A stubborn cork / finally comes loose — bottle of Rosé.

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polona said...

cheers! :)
i love the flow of this rengay

Borut said...


Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that! :)

floots said...

festive but thoughtful times
enjoyed this series vaughn
thank you

John McDonald said...

nice sequence

Masago said...

Thank you so much everyone for following along and supporting this project!