Rengay Through the Seasons #14 [1-5]

by Masago: Rengay #14 (Dec 2-8), Verses 1-5 (of 6)

The dog's legs / have become shorter — first snowfall.
Playground sunset shadows — school kids grow taller.
Around and around — the kitten almost catches / its own tail.
I put my finger / through the parrot's cage — Polly's cracker?
Seated, we wait to leave — the train beside us backs up.

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Anonymous said...

I love trains, and poems about trains.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've been there. :)

Borut said...

The game is over... Let us go back to where we 'REALLY ARE'...

On a back-to reality train...!?:)

John McDonald said...

nice movement

floots said...

ah that moment of disorientated motion
nice one

get zapped said...

These are wonderful - I smiled more than once ;]

Masago said...

Aurora: Me too. :-)

Andrew: Thanks.

Borut: *big smile* Aw, doo we have to? :-)

John: Thanks.

Floots: Yes, it happens more often for some...

GZ: Thank you muchly.