Rengay Through the Seasons #15 Summary

by Masago: Rengay #15 (Dec 9-15) Summary

Rising Snowball

River ice — a muskrat glides under / in silence.
The bank's wooded edge — a magpie swoops down.
Fort facing / fort... a snowball rises / high in the air.
Backyard rink — the puck sails above / a frozen lawn.
A black, slippery patch — the brakes do their best.
The puppy tries / to make it 'round the corner — waxed hardwood.

The theme of this rengay is "Gliding Motion". In a winter setting it begins with the natural setting of a river valley and then progresses toward human-related things including a snowball fight, hockey, an automobile, and finally a dog in the hallway.

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Anonymous said...

Nice full circle. :)

Sorry about the comment error. Typepad has implemented something new, and they're still getting the bugs out. Twice a day, Nick and I check out the spam filter and "release" the comments. :)

Borut said...

One slip after another... There we go...:)

polona said...

well done again!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

made me laugh - thanks :)

Masago said...

Aurora: Thanks. No problem with the Typepad... it just appeared that some of the messages weren't going anywhere. :-)

Borut: Life... :-)

Polona: Thank you!

Andrew: Thanks.