Rengay Through the Seasons #31 [1-6]

by Betty Kaplan (bk), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #31 (Mar 30 - Apr 5, 2008) Verses 1-6 (of 6):

Poking out / in snow left under a tree — snowdrops. /bk
Angel food cake — sixteen candles aflame. /vs
Cleanup aisle 3! flour in a torn bag / falls to the floor. /bk
Fresh morning — sheets and pillow cases / flap in the breeze. /vs
A Valentine honeymoon — her gown hangs on the door. /bk
Pearls around / her neck — thoughts of him / with each touch. /vs

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floots said...

i like the way this series has moved from imagery to intimacy
thank you both

John McDonald said...

nice series

Borut said...

A string of pearls to make one think!:)

polona said...

love the development... tells a story of a life for me...

haiku-shelf said...

i really loved to read this rengay!

(and...now i know what an angel food cake is..., i had never heard about it before...but thanks google i found recipes and pictures...)

best wishes,

Masago said...

Thank you all on behalf of Betty and I.