Rengay Through the Seasons #32 [1-6]

by Masago: Rengay #31 (Apr 6-12, 2008), Verses 1-6 (of 6)

Morning birds — tunes I haven't heard / in many months.
She brings breakfast in bed — the paper, under an arm.
Front page — "War in Europe Over, Hitler defeated."
Low on fuel — finally, in the distance / a gas station.
Red, glowing sunset — the ferry operator smiles.
Model sail boat — Dad helps and whistles / while we work.

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Borut said...

I like the scenary... Morning birds excluded, it may all well be about 'gas'... And, yes, it could be: high time for a new Noah's ark... Starting with a model!:)

John McDonald said...

well done vaughn

polona said...

this one beats me :-)

actually, i see a pattern but can't quite define it...

Bill said...

From birdsong to whistle, the intrusion of the past into the present (even the present of newspaper headlines). What does Faulkner say--"The past is never really dead. It isn't even past" (quoted from memory; absolute accuracy not guaranteed).

But can that end-of-war headline belong to your past? You're not that old, I'm sure.

Masago said...

Borut: No like the birds? :-) And 'gas'... *LOL*. Thanks.

John: Thanks.

Polona: Ah, then today's post will be a welcome event. :-)

Bill: Thanks, Bill. No, the end-of-war headline is not from personal experience. :-)