Rengay Through the Seasons #35 [1-3]

by John McDonald (jd), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #35 (Apr 27 - May 3, 2008) Verses 1-3 (of 6):

First day out / learning to be a rabbit — tree-bark scattered. /jm
New postal job — he opens / a gate with "Beware of Dog".
The young mother / gives the infant her breast — the crying stops.

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Ričardas said...

no day without a lesson and a little bite of something ... lots to learn and bite :)

polona said...

beautiful intimate moment

Masago said...

Ričardas: Right, I don't recall those days too clearly. Thanks.

Polona: Thanks.

[Thanks, on behalf of John, of course]