Rengay Through the Seasons #31 Summary

by Betty Kaplan (bk), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #31 (Mar 30 - Apr 5, 2008) Summary


Poking out
in snow left under a tree —
snowdrops. /bk

Angel food cake —
sixteen candles aflame. /vs

Cleanup aisle 3!
flour in a torn bag
falls to the floor. /bk

Fresh morning —
sheets and pillow cases
flap in the breeze. /vs

A Valentine honeymoon —
her gown hangs on the door. /bk

Pearls around
her neck — thoughts of him
with each touch. /vs

The central theme in this rengay is "White".

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Irene said...

I didn't realize until now how much I missed your daily doses of haikus! Loved this one! ;p

John McDonald said...

enjoyed again

Borut said...

Makes me drift into a reverie: angel food, Snow-White...?!:)

polona said...

well done both!

Ričardas said...

Indeed, so white and pleasant to read.

Pamela said...

I might have caught on to the white if I was reading every day.

It is really a brain teaser when you start, and I begin rolling the possibilities.

Masago said...

Irene: Thank you for re-visiting!

John: Thanks.

Borut: :-)

Polona: Thanks (from us both).

Ričardas: Thank you.

Pamela: Thanks for joining in!

Pat Paulk said...

A man with class!!

Masago said...

Pat: :-) It takes one to know one?

jem said...

I liked this one a lot, and spotted the white theme early on, thanks in part to your clarification about the cake. I love the fresh morning one especially - laundry almost smells edible at times. And the Valentine one has a perfect balance of innocence and lust.

Masago said...

jem: Thank you for these kind words!