Rengay Through the Seasons #33 Summary

by Masago: Rengay #32 (Apr 13-19, 2008) Summary

Breaking Silence

Foot traffic —
a dandelion sprout
in a tiny crack.

These new shoes — my feet
sue for a prompt return.

Passing car —
a bit of her dress caught
in the door.

A large man
squeezes in between us —
long bus ride.

Plastic bottle of mustard —
the supper silence broken.

Bottle of Merlot —
the corkscrew leaves half
the cork behind.

The central theme in this rengay is "Squeezed". The link between verses and 1 and 6 is "wine", in that making wine from dandelions is a common home-made variety.

The word 'sue' in verse 2, meaning "to make petition or appeal to", is somewhat archaic but is hopefully poetically quaint enough for the usage here. It is also a play on words in that the feet not only wish that the shoes be returned to where they were bought but also that they'd like to go back to being in the old pair they are used to.

Mustard, in verse 5, commonly comes in plastic bottles that when squeezed sometimes makes funny-sounding noises.

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Bill said...

The last one put me in doubt, although I see that it fits.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

another wonderful collection!

jem said...

Who knew you could get so much variety from one word. Top stuff.

Janice Thomson said...

Never picked up on the 'wine' link at all. I enjoy reading these and trying to make the connections.

polona said...

that wine link is clever... i know about dandelion wine but it didn't click :)

Masago said...

Bill: All is well that ends well(?). :-)

Andrew: Thank you!

Jem: Thank you so much.

Janice: The wine link was a little subtle. Thanks.

Polona: I admit it is a bit of a stretch. :-)

Borut said...

I like this one.