Rengay Through the Seasons #32 Summary

by Masago: Rengay #32 (Apr 6-12, 2008) Summary

Breakfast in Bed

Morning birds —
tunes I haven't heard
in many months.

She brings breakfast in bed —
the paper, under an arm.

Front page —
"War in Europe Over,
Hitler defeated."

Low on fuel —
finally, in the distance
a gas station.

Red, glowing sunset —
the ferry operator smiles.

Model sail boat —
Dad helps and whistles
while we work.

The central theme in this rengay is "Welcomed Events".

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

interesting -- makes sense now :)

polona said...

how obvious! :D
but i enjoyed the flow of this one

Janice Thomson said...

Rengay is not something I know much about but I enjoyed this series immensely. The 'notes' increased my understanding of this poetry form.

Thank you for your comment on mine.

Pamela said...

the gas station when you're running on empty is one of those welcomed events
unfortunately it makes my pocketbook run on empty as well.

Masago said...

Andrew: :-)

Polona: Thank you. :-)

Janice: I'm pleased you are enjoying this series and are learning more about rengay. Thanks.

Pamela: LOL!

jem said...

A very comforting theme, thats made me want to keep an eye open for my own welcome events in the week ahead. I particularly like the last two - they are both so specific and so warming.

Masago said...

jem: Thank you for your kind words.