Rengay Through the Seasons #2 [1-2]

by Masago: Rengay 2, Verses 1-2 (of 6)

The faint thump / of a distant basketball — autumn evening.
Canola field horizon — a glint of setting sun.

Click here for the previous rengay in the series.


aurora said...

Good follow-up. :)

In response to your Esperanto translation of my poem (many thanks:) ), I'd like to give you the link to Norman Darlington's blog, which is written completely in Esperanto:


How impressive is that?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like where this one is going.

floots said...

i like the gentle progress of this form

John McDonald said...

like it

Pat Paulk said...

I can see it slip, slip, slipping away!

Masago said...

Aurora: I am impressed! Actually, you had mentioned before to me about Norman's interest in Esperanto and I have gotten in touch with him about that. Thanks!

Andrew: Thanks.

Floots: Thanks.

John: Thanks.

Pat: ...for that one brief moment.