Rengay Through the Seasons #4 Summary

by Karina Klesko (kk), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay 4, Summary

The Storm, Now Over

Autumn afternoon — rose petals cling / to the cemetery gate. /kk
Embracing at the door... an ebony hair on his shirt. /vs
Harvest moon — red acrylic fingernails / open old love letters. /kk
A ladybug / holds tight to a twig — cool wind. /vs
Late night fishing — black-skirted spinnerbait /kk
Harbour lights — the squeak of a rusty hinge / hangs in the air. /vs

After the second verse was written the theme of "clinging" was chosen and we later noticed a Red/Black secondary theme developing. It turned out that the Red's matched the 3-line haiku and the black matched with the 2-line haiku.

The spinnerbait in the 5th verse is a type of fishing lure with one or more metal blades that are shaped to spin like a propeller. This creates varying degrees of flash and vibration and mimics the movement of a small fish. Water clings to the lure as it is pulled out (unless of course a fish has been caught in which case the fish clings to the hook).

The title of "The Storm, Now Over" was chosen as it can be applied to each verse and, in a way, creates a third, hidden theme of its own.

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After the storm... Definitely, after reading this, something remains hanging in the air...

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