Rengay Through the Seasons #2 [1-5]

by Masago: Rengay 2, Verses 1-5 (of 6)

The faint thump / of a distant basketball — autumn evening.
Canola field horizon — a glint of setting sun.
That area / in Grandma's back yard — hint of mint.
A new bill / in change... the slight feel / of "Twenty Dollars".
In line to buy corn — I can almost taste it.

Click here for the previous rengay in the series.


floots said...

money and queues
(i thought only brits thought of such things) :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

corn! you're taking another path.

Reflekshins said...

too bad the frequency of the feel of the slight of a new bill is all but "slight."

enjoyed the series

Pamela said...

can't wait for 6

John McDonald said...

nice build up (I can hardly wait either)

Borut said...

You're getting us addicted...!?:)

aurora said...

Now I want corn. :)

Masago said...

Floots: :-) Maybe 'cause I have Brit roots?

Andrew: Hopefully not too corny?

Reflekshins: I hear you. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Pamela: Justed posted it. Tomorrow I'll add a link to the worksheet with full notes.

John: Thanks.

Borut: :-)

Aurora: Me too (esp. popcorn). :-)