Renhai Reflections 58: The Year Passed

The Year Passed

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward & Ron Seward

A tattered kite
hangs high in the elm —
chilly wind.

A snowdrift covers
the pool's shallow end.

Almost hidden,
a wasp's nest in the feeder —
old thresher.

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[This renhai was written with my father, Ron Seward, at a face-to-face coffee meeting today. The work is unique in two ways, please check the notes for details.]


Devika said...

Hi Masago..

Composite it is...
One and three (on comparable terms) very familiar
Two -- a visual that we commonly come across

So nice to know, of a father and son working together on poetry...
My greetings to Ron Seward,


Pamela said...

I haven't heard "thresher" in forever. I can picture that wasp nest very well.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

that is so cool! my Dad would think I'd lost my mind if I asked him to do that. :)

John McDonald said...

what a delightful image: father and son creating

Masago said...

Thank you all. It was indeed fun to work on this with my Father.

Janice Thomson said...

How wonderful son and father working together! My father would have asked what is poetry? :)
There's an old threshing machine on our farm - hasn't been used for eons.
I really liked this one.

jem said...

Great to imagine you working on this together.

Great result too. Striking ways to capture the sense of time passed. I especially like the kite image - our hopes that flew high but perhaps didn't quite make it. And then later the nest - the sense of futures to come.

polona said...

great you could work with your father... my family has no understanding of poetry although mother has learned to enjoy haiku

Borut said...

No end to mystery!?:)