Renhai Reflections 59: The Night Before

The Night Before

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (vs) & Janice Thomson (jt)

Winter bedtime —
the last child tucked in
for the night. /vs

Rising smoke from chimneys — /vs
distant mountain veiled in fog. /jt

Blazing fire —
children's gifts wrapped between
sips of cocoa /jt

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John McDonald said...

delightful picture

Devika said...

Good set, Masago..

first is best, to me :)


jem said...

Well, I'm going through all my haiku blogs, reading before I break for Christmas and this is my last, and how apt.

I feel thoroughly warmed and cheered, especially by that last one. As a whole it catches the thrill of the night before from both child and adult perspective. Good to know it can still be a fun time.

Best wishes to you and yours for your christmas celebrations, and see you again afterwards.

polona said...

oh, this has a nice, cosy feeling...

polona said...

oh, now i see in the notes that's what this renhay is about (seems to convey it well, though)

Bill said...

Christmas Eve
the sleeping children
heavier this year

Masago said...

Thank you all... and Seasons Greetings!

Bill: Ha ha! So true.

Devika said...

Seasons Greetings and a Merry Christmas, Masago.:)


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I see this coming here :)

Pamela said...

you made me smile -- AND my eyes twinkle.

* *

Janice Thomson said...

My thanks too everyone :)

Borut said...

Before good night...Another good one (year of haiku writing behind us, too)!:)

John McDonald said...

DEar Vaughn may I wish you and your family a joyous and peaceful Christmas

Devika said...
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Devika said...

Wish you and family A Merry Christmas, Masago ..