Rengay Through the Seasons #7 Summary

by Masago: Rengay #7 (Oct 14-20) Summary

Tinkle of an Earring

Autumn lawn... more leaf-mulching than / grass-cutting.
National Geographic — she clips pictures for school.
Grandma blinks / for the fourth straight time — family portrait.
A young man / across the table... a speck / in her eye.
Vacuuming some crumbs — the tinkle of an earring.
Harvest hail — mice in the wheat field / head for cover.

This first verse was selected as the 64th entry in the World Haiku showcase on Oct 1, 2005:


The theme in this rengay is "Unintended Outcomes". The idea in verse 4 is that the young woman gets a speck in her eye which the young man interprets as a flirtatious wink. In verse 6, at first the hail chases the mice to take cover, but later it turns out to be a possible benefit as the damaged wheat may not get harvested and could be left for the mice to eat during the coming winter. In writing this I saw some parallels that we often face in our lives.

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I enjoyed your comments on this. Thanks.

Pamela said...

I didn't even think about the mice -- although I do know they hang around my front porch for two reasons

1) there is a whole under the brick and they find "cover" there
2) they find food because the birds drop a lot of nijer and sunflower seeds

Pat Paulk said...

No wonder that woman slapped me when I walked over and suggested what I shouldn't have in response to her wink.

polona said...

i enjoy your explanation as always.
you are good at linked verse

Masago said...

Andrew: Thanks.

Pamela: The mice can be pesky... that hole under the brick, hopefully it doesn't run too far into the house. :-)

Pat: ;-)

Polona: Thank you, your kind words mean a lot and are very encouraging.